Happy Canada Day to Kelowna Entrepreneurs

A Kelowna Entrepreneur
I love being Canadian! Let’s celebrate some Kelowna entrepreneurs and their technology startups!

At the end of March this year, The Globe and Mail did a piece on the people behind top Canadian Startups.  Within this list, there were the likes of Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite, Christian Strat from Summify (acquired by Twitter in January 2012), Allen Lau of Wattpad and Boris Wertz from w media ventures.  The comments were littered with criticism as readers thought the article didn’t represent Canada- just Toronto or Vancouver.

So, to dig into a corner of Canada known as the Okanagan Valley, I thought I would focus on my hometown, Kelowna, BC.  Below is a list of a few Kelowna tech start-ups trying to validate their ideas and become profitable, Canadian Companies.  There are more, of course, but these are the few who I have had the pleasure to meet in the last little while. I should mention, the first company is the one that I am working on.

    • ..duo (dotdotduo.com) – ..duo offers a simple, unique alternative to QR codes. They are the real-world to online connect. Select meaningful keywords and link them to relevant web content. Simplify the language of links.
    • GreenStep Sustainability Coaching (www.greenstep.ca) – GreenStep is an eco-venture who wants to help take you down the path to sustainability. Their creative, motivational and visionary experts will help take your efforts to the next mile.
    • Lemonade Labs (www.lemonadelabs.ca) – Lemonade Labs is a social media application studio which specializes in research & development of experiences that bring the social masses together face-to-face through technology.
    • Mathtoons Media Inc.  (mathtoons.com) – Mathtoons combines *arts* and technology to create educational apps and online content with the goal to teach the most difficult math concepts in the most entertaining and memorable ways!
    • StreetText Mobile Marketing (streettext.com) – The StreetText Platform provides clients with a full-scale mobile marketing automation platform that will give them a competitive edge and solid platform for future growth.
    • Syndicate Theory (www.syndicatetheory.com) – Syndicate Theory designs and builds intelligent software applications to empower businesses and communities

Please check out their webpages and support them all!  Great things happening here in the Okanagan!  Be proud, Kelowna entrepreneurs! This is city changing.

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