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Last year, I applied to be part of the FounderDating Network. In a nutshell, it’s an online hub of pre-screened entrepreneurs who excel in engineering, business development or design. Most of us likely joined because we were looking for a talented individual to hop on board our own, personal startup trains.

Although my venture never blossomed and I no longer need a technical magician at my side, the network has proven to be incredibly valuable and I urge you to join — if not to find a co-founder, but to be a fly on the wall of some really insightful discussions that take place on their forum.

FounderDatingHere’s a little taste of some of the Qs you get access to once you’ve made the team. The latest thread that I’ve enjoyed is on the topic of “Culture Hacks”:

Q: The Best Culture Hacks – As a CEO I think a ton about cultivating culture and I often find the little things really make a difference. We’ve borrowed ideas from different companies from interview questions we love, to having the newest team member plan the next team outing.

What are the best ideas (big and small) that help cultivate culture  that either your company used/uses or that you’ve heard?

Q: What’s the Bar for a Non-technical Co-founder? – What should a non-technical co-founder bring to the table to have a shot at finding a CTO?  (this thread received 52 replies!)

Q: What worked best for you? – Freelance while Bootstrapping vs Seed funding

Q: Native vs Hybrid phone apps – What’s the best way to go?

Q: Blog SEO – Are any blog platforms better for SEO than others? I want to use a 3rd party blogging platform (e.g. Tumblr, WordPress, etc) and host it on my own sub-domain.

The answers to these questions (and many others) are of high-quality and often come from seasoned entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. The insight gained from these conversations is well worth the application and the one-time membership fee of $50.

Although I can’t attest to other sites that operate in a similar fashion, Andrea Huspeni, Assistant Editor of Young Entrepreneur, has compiled a list of competing services in her post, A Guide to Matchmaking Sites for Co-Founders.

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